Deluxe Chillers
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The best and most effective Buffet Chillers available today! Say goodbye to expensive and complicated equipment and exotic materials. Our Ice Chillers use nothing but ice and water to keep your food products Food Safe and at their best! You can
even use your existing steam pans!
    Rectangular Ice Chillers
Simple is beautiful. The unique design of our chillers gives great results with just ice & water. The design ensures the ice keeps close contact with the food containers keeping your wonderful dishes Food Safe as long as possible.Click here to see how the rectangular food chiller works. The Ice Chillers are made to hold any combination of standard steam tray sized containers. You can also add a riser to create a two tier system which the contents easier to see and reach.
Click here to see our catalogue page for sizes. To see an independent study done by the British Columbia Institute of Technology's Food Study department click here.

    Round Ice Chillers
  Our round Ice Chillers hold standard bowls for salads, deserts and anything else you want a round container for. Designed on the same principles as rhe rectangular Ice Chiller (Click here to see how it works), the round ice chiller give excellant results and keeps your dishes fresher longer. Click here to see our catalogue page for sizes and specifications.
    Deluxe Ice Chillers

Make a unique creative statement on your tables with our deluxe Ice Chillers! Our deluxe chillers come in rectangular and round formats and are available in clear - great for cool lighting effects - or elegant high gloss opaque black. Click here for our gallery of deluxe Ice Chiller ideas and click here for our catalogue page for sizes and accessories.