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Introducing ENDURA-FORM Multi Purpose Construction Panels!

Ideal for a multitude of uses! Easy to install! Strong, tough, long lasting and reusable! Endura-Form installations can be temporary or permanent, portable or stationary. Endura-Form panels are made from recycled materials and are recyclable!

Click Here to see how ENDURA-FORM panels in their radiant heat application perform
in -22 degree celsius weather!

in 3D
Great For Commercial, Industrial, Residential and Agricultural Applications!

Due to it's unique design (patent pending), the single form-factor Endura-Form panels can be used in a variety of layouts. They can be laid out as discreet units or overlapped. They can be bolted together or not - they can even be assembled without tools. Endura-Form panels can be cut or drilled with standard tools. Endura-Form units can be fitted with pipes or cables if required, either longitudinally or laterally to allow for reinforcement or for heating and cooling. The only limit to Endura-Forms' uses are your ingenuity!